Sincerely Ward

Meet Sincerely Ward, SLAM's new cover girl and spokeperson.

Life can be short and Ugly. But your women don't have to be.

Meet the original Sin. Sincerely Ward, the New face of SLAM. A Hip Hop Diva, model and actress, Sincerely represents the bold new face of SLAM. Yes, Sincerely is her real name, although we think she should change it to Eye Candy of the Century.

You've seen her in Blockbuster movies like 2 Fast 2 Furious and Bad Boys 2 looking fine and wearing all that Pucci, Gucci, and Fiorruci. Watch for her gyrationsin steaming music videos with Jay-Z, Ludacris, P. Diddy, Busta Rhymes, Sisqo and Bow Wow to mention a few. We take our product seriously. That's why, after a world-wide search, we choose Sincerely Ward as our new spokes-model. Discovered for SLAM by Hip-Hop's dean of photographers, John Ricard, Sincerely is not just about being beautiful, she's got a brain on her houlders. And more importantly, she cares and wants to make a difference. And she's made a promise to pick-up where Carlene left off. "I love SLAM's history. the fact that they didn't have to exist, but there was a need for something to be done specifically for my age group to contribute to the fight against AIDS and STDs." says Sincerely.

SLAM's association with reggae and now hip-hop music is not by accident. We feel that the entertainment industry can be a powerful platform to get the message out that condoms can save lives. Born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, Sincerely lives and works in New York. She studied business marketing in Atlanta. Want more? Check out or better yet buy a pack of SLAM and collect all four cards with photos of Sincerely.

Sin's photoshoot with Walter ChinHow do you create a world class product with a shoe-string budget? Beg and borrow from family and friends.

Here is cousin Walter pitching in to shoot the package photos. Rated one of the top ten fashion photographers in the world, with clients ranging from Mercedes Benz, to Italian Vogue, Walter still thinks "Jackass Corn" and "Excelsior Tough Crackers" are real treats.

To See more of his stuff, go to his rep's website, Marek and Associates.