Thai Nippon Rubber

Thai Nippon Rubber Industry Co., Ltd.

Thai Nippon Rubber Industry Co., Ltd. is part of Charoen Aksorn Group, began its operation in Leamchabang, Chonburi, Thailand in 1993 with installed manufacturing capacity of 75 million pieces per annum. At present the manufacturing capacity has increased to 300 million pieces per annum.

Thai Nippon Rubber Industry Co.,Ltd. is the quality manufacturer of natural rubber latex male condom. The company has been accredited by such accreditations as: ISO9001 vs.2000, CE Mark, NF Mark, SABS Mark, etc.

Quality Control and Quality Assurance

The Quality Control and Quality Assurance Departments are well equipped with the sophisticated equipment required to evaluate the quality of product at each stage. Example: Enersol Burst Tester with automatic data capturing system, Lloyd Universal tensile tester, Visual Leakage tester from Enersol, Thickness gauge from Enersol, Natural Rubber Latex (DRC 60%) testing facility etc.

The pre-dispatch sampling and analysis are done as per the International Standards and or CustomerÕs specifications by the Quality Assurance department to make sure the quality product required by the customer, leaves the company premises along with the Certificate of Analysis.

Capabilities and Specifications

Condoms of various sizes and shapes are manufactured with state of art technology and machinery from Japan and Germany in a modern and hygienic complex.

Quality System Accreditation

We have the following quality accreditation for our production facility and our products:

  1. ISO 9001 version 2000 - from SGS Yarsley, UK
  2. ISO 9002/EN 46002 from Laboratoire National D'Essais, France
  3. CE Mark - Annex III (type approval) from GMED, France
  4. CE Mark - Annex V (quality assurance) from GMED, France
  5. NF Mark - from Laboratoire National D'Essais, France
  6. SABS Mark - from South African Bureau of Standards, South Africa
  7. TISI Mark - from Thai Industrial Standard Institute, Ministry of Industry
  8. 510 K notification from US FDA for Natural latex condom with Silicone Lubricant - smooth and textured condoms
  9. 510 K notification from US FDA for Natural latex condom with Non-oxynol 9 lubricant - smooth and textured condoms
  10. Approved product types with INMETRO, Brazil for Smooth and textured condoms.
  11. Approval from Ministry of Health - Algeria for distribution of condoms.
  12. ISO 13485 from SGS Yarsley, UK

Product Quality

To keep check on the product quality, we submit our product to various reputed Laboratories to test the physical properties of our condoms. The following labs against International Standards conducted the tests:

  • Standards Laboratories
  • WHO 1998 Enersol, Australia
  • ASTM D3492-97: Family Health International, USA
  • ISO 4074 (1996): Family Health International, USA
  • SABS ISO 4074 (1996): SABS Lab, South Africa
  • INMETRO RTQ 009 (95): Falcao Bauer, Brazil
  • NF EN 600: 1996: Laboratoire National DÕEssais, France
  • DS EN 600: 1996: Force Institute, Denmark
  • Bio-compatibility study is conducted for our product with silicone and non-oxynol 9 lubrication by SGS US Testing Laboratories.


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