SGS Report

SGS Report

SGS Verfication of manufacturing Compliance

SGS independent testing of SLAM condoms. In accordance with our intent to produce the finest quality condom in the world, we engaged the services of SGS to to do an independent audit of our product to ensure compliance of manufacturing standards EN ISO 4074: 2002. SGS based in Switzerland is the global leader in verification and testingcertification. The audits are always unannounced. Batch samples are sampled randomly and sent to an independent lab to be analysed.

As surmised from the test results, the samples submitted to SGS passedwith flying colors. In fact, the product exceeds the benchmark standards. Below are notes regarding the test results that can be viewed in its entirety in the the PDF files shown below. The testing was done in February, 2004

Burst volume is measured with the litres of air that can go in acondom. The minimum requirement as per EN ISO 4074 is 18 liters and the results show that average is 30 litres with the range of 14 to 53 litres. 3 condoms out of 315 pieces were found to have below 18 liters and maximum failure allowed is 10 pieces.

Burst pressure is measured at kilo pascle (i.e. the strenght at whichthe condoms burst). The minimum requirement as per EN 600 is 1 kpa. There is only 1 condom below the requirement and rest are above 1 kpa required. Maximum 10 pieces are allow to fail out of 315 pieces.

The tensile properties are done both at before aging and after aging. The requirement is for force is 39 newtons and elongation at 700% for both before and after aging. 1 piece failure in this would reject thebatch. There were no failures. Freedom from hole is the most critical. All the batches have passed with no problems.