SLAM Condom

No Glove No Love Limited is the parent company of SLAM condoms. A registered Jamaican company located in Montego Bay, Jamaica.
For enquiries please contact:
Lana Chin, Director, Business Affairs or Victor Wong, Managing Director
Tel: (876) 940-0318 / Fax: (876) 979-3560
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SLAM condm wallet packs


  • 3 condoms per wallet
    36 wallets per dispenser
  • Width: 54mm
  • Length: 180mm
  • Thickness: 0.10mm
  • Colour: Pink
  • Flavour: Strawberry
  • Texture: Dotted

Manufacturing Standards:

SLAM Condoms are manufactured to world standards by Thai Nippon Rubber Industry, Thailand. SLAM is manufactured to meet EN600: 1996 and ISO 4074-1:1996 standards and US FDA 510K Notification.
We believe we have developed the best condom in the world for Caribbean men - in comfort and quality. We had a special mold made 54 mm in size, parallel sided. This makes it one of the most comfortable, and largest- sized condoms available.
Using the most advanced technologies and purest latex rubber, the condoms are textured with small "pleasure dots" to live up to its promise of " for the wickedest ride." To top it off we had it strawberry flavored - to engage all senses - aroma therapy?

Excerts from:
"Jamaica - Report of Adolescent Condoms Survey"
Researched by Hope Enterprise for USAID

The Brand Most Remembered
Recall for condom brands was generally greater among the boys than the girls. Most recalled brands overall among both sexes were Slam (97.2%) and Rough Rider (96.5%).
Slam is one of the newest brands on the market having been introduced in 1998 and rapidly became the market leader. The brand uses on its cover a full cover graphic of the island's pop icon, the famous dancehall queen Carlene, and with limited media and aggressive distribution to small shops has been able to make significant impact on the market. Not only was it the most recalled brand but the most tried, the one used most often and the most preferred brand

Preferred Brand: Slam Condom,
A 3 year old local brand, was the condom most preferred (35.7% 15-19 year olds).
It was generally preferred for being comfortable, cool, strong and thick.
The vast success of the brand can also be attributed to its cultural positioning and wide distribution network. Slam Condom is responsible for almost single-handedly expanding condom distribution through small shops and other non-traditional outlets. These now represent the major condom access points for youth aged 10-19years.

Condom brand preference
As indicated earlier, Slam, Rough Rider and Durex emerged as the top three condom brands. These were mentioned as the brands our condom users had tried and now use most often. The preferred brand overall was Slam (35.7%).
See Table 22b. . Boys preferred Slam because 'it's comfortable' (13.6%), 'it's cool' (11.4%) and 'it's strong - will not break' (11.4%).
The girls on the other hand liked the thickness (12.7%), and strength (11.3%) of the brand.
Jamaica - Report of adolescent condoms survey

Subject: Strawberry...

"I go around singing STRAWBERRY!"

"Hello... just thought I'll let you know that I found the strawberry (I'm a tad bit tired now)."

"It really does smell like strawberry (I love that)...."

One very happy girl :)